Your Challenge

Stories must evoke emotion, clarify ideas and drive action in the listener.

If you have average or insincere storytellers, you're competing at a disadvantage. At best, your storytellers will be forgotten. At worst, they cast a shadow of doubt on your credibility.

Others Say

"Unlike other business training programs, The Up Program is a unique combination that focuses on both the mind and body to produce optimal performance in business."

—Megan Sullivan, Baby Center


What Would Shift If...

What would shift if every member of your team could:

  • Evoke emotion and drive action in the listener 
  • Deepen authentic relationships 
  • Capitalize upon personal messaging strengths and break bad habits
  • Make numbers and complex information interesting and easier to understand
  • Improvise or “think on your feet” with confidence

The UP Difference:

Participants achieve dramatic, sustainable growth through UP's revolutionary process. It shifts the mental, physical and habitual nature of Storytelling in:

  • Sales
  • Management and Leadership
  • Outward Facing/Media Training
  • A Specific Brand or Product Story

Your Opportunity

You need UP Storytelling Development, a customized approach to unleashing the compelling storyteller in every professional, utilizing an integration of marketplace expertise, scientific research, and cutting-edge acting techniques. Read about Program Content and Customization.

Your Benefit 

By transforming your storytelling potential, you will gain a competitive edge in winning business, deepening relationships and promoting your brand. Read about The Buzz.