"Business Speak" includes buzzwords that are used so often, they've lost their impact. You're probably using them way more than you realize. And you must stop. Right now. Here's why...

In sales, "Business Speak" reminds the listener you're trying to sell something. This triggers their defense mechanisms and encourages them to block you out. 

In internal communications, "Business Speak" creates boredom and "Oh, I know what she's talking about" which leads to assumptions, miscommunications and important things falling through the cracks. 

In both circumstances, it undermines the authenticity of the relationship and your power to make your message understood.

The best communicators explain things so that their ten-year-old would get it. Speaking simply makes people slow down and hear what you are ACTUALLY saying. When you speak simply, the listener can picture it, step by step. Whereas business speak invites people to think in large abstract concepts that come with numerous preconceived assumptions.

So if you really want you or your team to make an impact, try breaking down your message so that your grandmother or ten-year-old would both get it and be fascinated!

Here's an exercise to cut the "B.S.":

  1. Make a list of the top 5 words you use on a daily basis. Examples include: "out of the box", ROI, buy in, reach out, scalable, and move the needle.
  2. Do NOT use them for 3 days.
  3. Notice if your conversations are more clear, interesting and effective.