The FBI is battling to get Apple to change their iPhone encryption technology, as you know. 

According to the FBI— Apple’s encryption technology is a “vicious guard dog” that needs to be called off so they can get into one of the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhones. It sounds totally reasonable. They just want Apple to help them remove the dog so they can get in the bad guy’s “house” to look around. 

According to Apple— creating this type of encryption technology would be like injecting "a cancer" into the phone.  Apple designed the phone to offer the very best privacy.  Creating code that undermines the integrity of that encryption is like creating an illness that hijacks the phone’s immune system.

So which is it - a “vicious guard dog” or a vital immune system?

Regardless of your opinion about the case, it's a huge lesson about the power of metaphors

When you need to explain something complicated (like technology), abstract (like big numbers) or controversial (to tightly control the messaging), the right metaphor is the absolute best way to do it. 

3 Reasons Why the Right Metaphors is a Key to Success

  1. Metaphors make complicated ideas immediately relatable. Everyone has a clear, intuitive understanding of a guard dog or cancer.
  2. Metaphors evoke emotion. When you picture one of those shooters having a guard dog protecting them, you probably think, "Come one! Just move the dog out of the way."
  3. Metaphors give you immense control over your message. By using an image to explain a concept, you're spinning the story in your favor. Do you want your "phone to have cancer?" No, we don't either. 

The next time you need to explain something complicated, abstract or extremely important, take the time to find the right metaphor. Choosing the perfect words will allow you to be authentic and extremely effective in the moment.