“In 2000, the attention span of the modern consumer was 12 seconds. It’s now 8 seconds. The average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds,” as reported by Identity Daily

Attention span is defined as the amount of time one can pay attention without distraction. So what does it mean for your business that your fish can focus longer than your perspective client or coworker?

We live in a culture that is rapidly downsizing the length yet increasing the volume of communications. Everyone is bombarded with emails, texts, tweets, Facebook feeds, podcasts, breaking news, viral videos... the list could go on indefinitely.

In every meeting, phone conversation, or even email, you can't count on the other person's focus. You have to earn it. The key is the "hook."

The "hook" is the thing that makes the other person lean forward. It evokes genuine interest. You CAN NOT move into further discussion until the other person wants to hear more. 

Great hooks include: good storytelling, compelling metaphors, evoking fears of scarcity, or bonding over common interests. Sometimes the hook is business related. With others, an authentic connection makes them sit up and listen. 

Bottom line: business can't be boring. Now more than ever before, you must have a keen awareness of the listener's interest and attention span to make an impact.