Success in 2016 requires strong C-suite leadership and having employees who find work meaningful.

Strong C-suite Leadership
According to Wharton management professor Michael Useem, “When uncertainty and change are very much in the air, the key decisions of company managers have greatest impact — for better or for worse — as management experience and university research both confirm.  Given the increasing uncertainty and change in virtually all major markets, now is a good time to strengthen management capacities for decision-making."

Help Employees Find Meaning
Gallup Research shows that productivity increases 21% when employees are engaged at work. In today’s culture, the strongest talent wants to care deeply about their work. Given this trend, employers must consider what it takes for employees to excel and find fulfillment to retain the best and brightest.

What should you do about it?
Be proactive. While training teams in industries as diverse as media, fashion and finance, UP observed a huge competitive edge in companies that prioritize talent development. As explained by Useem, leadership requires the ability to make “good and timely decisions” which must be communicated with clarity, passion and purpose. Employee fulfillment is directly linked to their strengths and values.

Small steps can lead to large returns. For internal initiatives, start a mentoring program or add a section to monthly meeting that shines focus on one employee or program. For external programs, UP has seen major leadership growth in a series of one-one-one sessions with C-level executives and totally transformed entire teams with group workshops customized to their most stressful challenges.

Whatever you do, be sure to do something. Senior leadership and employee engagement are the intangibles that will determine your bottom line.