Imagine listening to a sales pitch. The presenter looks down to avoid eye contact, mumbles the ends of sentences, and continuously pushes the hair out of his face. 

Would you be compelled to buy?

What if it was Steve Jobs? When he started out, that’s exactly how he looked. Look at the video above.

Why does this matter? In the business world, listeners judge a speaker’s verbal and non-verbal signals as an extension of his brand. Unconsciously, listeners associate the speaker’s nerves or lack of eloquence with a flaw in the product or service.

Steve Jobs realized his presentation delivery made a negative impact. He needed skeptics to believe in him, so he worked with a communications coach and practiced for months before important events (even after his great success).

Now comes the moment of truth. Picture yourself giving a really important presentation in a meeting or to a large group. Would a critical judge be inspired to buy? Can you say the same for everyone on your team?

What can you do right now to improve? Draw inspiration from Jobs— prioritize the presentation delivery of your brand. Talk about presentation skills and notice how you respond to others' presentations... What makes you lean in? What makes you check your phone?

Most professionals do not think about how others judge them. The shift of noticing how people see you in presentations and meetings will lead to a stronger position for your brand.