1. Slow down & breathe. If you calm your body, your mind will follow.
  2. Take up as much space as possible. Sit up tall. Put your feet on the floor. It will make you look and feel like you should be taken seriously. 
  3. Pretend you are breathing from the bottoms of your feet. This technique calms your nervous system because you feel the ground.
  4. Stop the “Bobble Head Effect.” Sometimes we nod because we’re trying to get approval from the other person. It can get out of control before we even know it. (This is very different than a simple nod to communicate understanding.) If you catch yourself head-bobbing up and down, take a breath and find stillness.
  5. Pause for 2 seconds before you speak. Pausing demonstrates you are confident enough to speak in your own time & gives your mind time to process.