Start Solving Your Communication Challenges

The #1 false belief about communication development is that there’s one right answer for everyone. General rules like, “Stop moving your hands” don’t work. One person’s bad habit is another’s key to success.

Consider Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs. Each inspired confidence, yet their messaging styles vastly differed. If Gates tried to adopt the behaviors of Jobs, it wouldn’t have been effective.

For professionals to communicate with a competitive edge, they must refine skills, embrace personal strengths, and consciously minimize weaknesses. 

To deliver dramatic, sustainable growth in Storytelling, Presentations, Sales and Leadership Development, UP customizes all programs based on two key variables: managements’ objectives and participants’ current patterns. These include participants' skill level and personal communication styles.

With this information, UP targets your exact needs through strategically designed, custom programing in order to achieve unparalleled results in a time efficient manner.

What Actually Happens in UP Workshops?

The specific content and structure of each program varies based upon your needs, but core elements include:


Education to Raise Awareness 

Communication is mental. You must understand it.


Mary Jo contextualizes participants’ problem and opportunity and educates on marketplace best practices. 

Ellie explains the subtle mechanics of communication through principles of actor training, backed by scientific research.

Participants engage in Q&A to take ownership in the learning.


Participants develop a clear, productive understanding of their problem, opportunity and important new ideas.

Skill Development to Shift Behavior

Communication is physical. You must do it. 


Ellie guides participants through an interactive process which includes activities such as: storytelling, body language techniques, improvisation, writing prompts, and group discussion.  

Mary Jo answers her favorite question, “What’s the Point?” to explain the direct connection between an exercise and its application.


Participants identify and positively shift their habitual behavior to accomplish managements’ objectives.

Practice to Reinforce New Habits 

Communication is habitual. You must make new habits.


Ellie and Mary Jo co-lead role playing exercises to provide the personalized benefits of one-on-one coaching within a group learning environment.

Peer feedback reinforces individuals' learning. 

Each participant creates an Action Plan for applying training tools to practical circumstances.


Participants gain confidence with new skills, capitalize upon personal strengths, and minimize weaknesses.