Your Challenge

The marketplace is at its most competitive in history. 

Traditional Power Point presentations and transactional interactions no longer deliver high performance results. Both junior and senior sellers struggle to differentiate themselves.

Others Say

 “Mary Jo knows how to connect with people, earn their trust and ultimately close... If you want to learn how to sell you may as well learn from the best.”

Sharon Summer, Shandow Media


What Would Shift If...

What would shift if every member of your team could:

  • Identify the client's problem and communicate your value as the solution
  • Handle objections, pressure, and closing with ease
  • Elevate urgency and problem solving skills
  • Tell your story with charisma, passion, and authenticity 
  • Quickly build strong relationships 
  • Increase the frequency and effectiveness of face-to-face meetings
  • Write emails that get noticed

The UP Difference:

Participants achieve dramatic, sustainable growth through UP's revolutionary process. It strategically addresses the mental, physical and habitual behaviors of sellers to achieve peak performance. Programs can be customized for:

  • Senior Sellers
  • Junior Sellers
  • Sales Meetings
  • Sales Related Roles such as Account Management 

Your Opportunity

You need UP Sales Development, a customized approach to bringing out sellers’ top tier performance, utilizing an integration of marketplace expertise, scientific research, and cutting-edge acting techniques. Read about Program Content and Customization.

Your Benefit 

By enriching your sellers’ skill set, you will gain a competitive edge in winning business, deepening relationships and promoting your brand. Read about The Buzz.