Your Challenge

Listeners judge a presenter’s value with quick, often unconscious precision. 

When presenters do not captivate the audience with authenticity, passion and strikingly vivid content, they fail to make an impact.

Others Say

"Unlike other business training programs, The UP Program is a unique combination that focuses on both the mind and body to produce optimal performance in business."

—Megan Sullivan, Baby Center


What Would Shift If...

What would shift if every member of your team could:

  • Captivate with authenticity, passion, confidence and spontaneity 
  • Build a positive, actively engaged relationship with the audience
  • Use metaphors and visual techniques to bring numbers and technical information to life
  • Effectively adapt to the listener’s reactions and objections
  • Leave a lasting impression

The UP Difference:

Participants achieve dramatic, sustainable growth through UP's revolutionary process, which strategically targets the mental, physical and habitual aspects of:

  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • On Camera
  • Large to Medium Audiences
  • Small Groups & One-on-One Conversations
  • A Specific Presentation or New Business Pitch

Your Opportunity

You need UP Presentation Development, a customized approach to creating powerful, polished presenters, utilizing an integration of marketplace expertise, scientific research, and cutting-edge acting techniques. Read about Program Content and Customization.

Your Benefit 

By elevating the power of your presenters, you will gain a competitive edge in winning business, deepening relationships and promoting your brand. Read about The Buzz.