UP Solutions 

UP Business Communications creates customized solutions for challenges in Storytelling, Presentations, Sales and Leadership Development. 

Partners Mary Jo Romeo and Ellie Heyman integrate marketplace expertise, cutting-edge acting techniques, and the science behind communication to increase clients’ bottom line by elevating communication practices. 

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UP Results

Most communication training is one-size-fits-all and delivers okay results. If you invest your time and money, you need over-the-top results. 

To achieve high impact, sustainable results, UP identifies management’s objectives, analyzes participants’ communication styles, and develops the most time-efficient process to exceed expectations. 

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Satisfied Clients

"If you are looking to further your skills as a masterful storyteller and enhance your gravitas, look no further — UP Business Communications..."

--Raquelle Zuzarte, Time Warner Cable

UP News:

Advertising Women of New York (AWNY) commissions UP to create Gaining Ground: A Woman's Guide to Winning in the Workplace.